Colorful Kids Clothes Are a Trend in Summer

Wearing colorful outfits is one of the biggest kids fashion trends for summer 2011. This trend is inspired by many runway fashion styles. That’s why adults and children will find a lot of colorful clothes in their local stores. As dictated by the momentary runway fashion, most colorful outfits are usually mixed with white items: This means that it’s totally trendy to be wearing colorful outfits, but we are expected to combine it with at least some white clothing. I totally support this for the adult’s fashion but I believe that children can wear more colorful outfits than their parents. But when does it become too much? Hence I asked myself the question: When do too many colorful pieces of garment look childish – even on kids?

As mentioned above, the colorful kids fashion trend stems from the runway fashion for adults that was presented for summer 2011. Many designers who make kids clothes also have their own collections for adults, hence the parallels. Because it’s so trendy to be wearing colorful clothes this summer, we can put together very flashy outfits for our children. I looked at different types of colorful kids clothes and had a hard time figuring out where to draw the line in terms of coloring. Is it okay to have your child dress like a clown? No, definitely not. But the term “clown” doesn’t really have to do with the number of colors, rather with the combination of colors!

Let’s take the two colors yellow and blue for example. Yellow and blue is considered to be a very childish combination because these are so different colors; blue is calm and reserved whereas yellow is energetic and noticeable. In summer 2011, though, you can easily combine these two colors. Depending on how you combine blue and yellow in an outfit, your child can really make a rather clownish impression. But consider this outfit instead: A blue t-shirt with some kind of colorful logo and yellow shorts. This is not childish at all! As a matter of fact, this is very stylish and totally trendy this year. Hence, this season you can have your child wear as many colors as you want to, as long as the combination looks good.

Since I am a fan of very colorful outfits, I really appreciate the momentary trend. While I totally agree with the adult’s runway fashion, where they usually add white to any colorful outfit, I strongly encourage parents to put together colorful outfits for their children without worrying about whether it’s too many different colors or not. As I just tried to explain above, it’s just a question of combination. What holds true for summer 2011 is that you can combine all colors in your kids’ outfits – as long as you make the right combinations. I hope you’ll enjoy this trend as much as I do!

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